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[N'sync] [Basez] [PG]

I guess it's finally safe to say which sesas were mine now that the authors have been revealed! I wrote two this year. A Guide To Dealing With Painful Break Ups was written for [ profile] withdiamonds, and was the one I felt flowed a little better, despite the fact that I had two days to write it. I'd been itching to write about Lance's feelings about the way the group ended, and thankfully, it seems to have worked, and I've gotten lovely feedback about the dynamic of the group and the characters.

[N'sync/BSB] [Letterboys] [PG-13, maybe? There is mild swearing and FTB-ing to be... beholded? beheld?]

Working Definition was a real tough one to write, despite all the canon this year. All I knew, right from the get-go, was that I wanted to set this story in an AU where AJ is a tattoo artist and JC teaches little kids how to play the guitar. The development of their relationship basically just grew from there.

[N'sync] [Timbertrick] [NC-17]

And one last snippet, written for [ profile] ephemera_pop over at [ profile] fic_requests. Wherein Justin is stoned, Chris is stoned, and Cameron is supposed to be a really, really good lay. Though not as good as Chris.
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WOW it's been a while. I have no idea how I kept away so long. This needs to be looked in to. In the meantime...

[N'sync/BSB] [Justin/Nick] [PG, because of mpreg]

i never, ever would have thought i'd actually be writing mpreg, but [ profile] mestupdreamer24 asked, and i thought, why not?
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it's been way, way too long. and here i present a couple of old (and one new) pieces that i've been too lazy to get 'round to posting till now.

[N'sync/BSB] [Justin/AJ] [PG]

Short little thing for [ profile] ephemera_pop: AJ and Justin swop Christmas presents. (It's really, really not as cheesy as it sounds. I think.)

[N'sync/BSB] [slight Justin/AJ] [G]

Wherein Lynn bitches, the syncers all know Justin, and AJ's not even in the story. For [ profile] joshysleo.

[N'sync] [Basez] [G]

[ profile] sweetchacha wanted something to do with the Justin bidding war. Who was I to refuse?

[Gen] [N'sync and BSB] [PG]

A piece about JC not having age issues for [ profile] lincolnkw.
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[N'sync/BSB] [slight Justin/Nick] [PG (because Justin says motherfucker *snerk*)]

Written for [ profile] creole_voodoo who brought this instant rush of inspiration when she produced the Justin-on-Kevin quote from the interview [found in the post].
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One day i will actually produce a bunny of my own. But that day is not today.

[N'sync] [Basez] [PG]

I bear fic wherein JC has a tail, though, to make up for it. Written for [ profile] pensnest.
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am currently working on a chris-matchmakes-teh-basez story that i started ages ago in time for [ profile] trumpeterofdoom's birthday/basez day. till then, though, all i have are plenty of (old) ficlets from [ profile] fic_requests.

[N'sync/BSB] [Lance/AJ] [PG]

What was meant to be snark that, err, turned out not-so-snarky. For [ profile] trumpeterofdoom, who owns me.

[N'sync/BSB] [Lance/Nick] [PG]

Mmmmm. More crossovery love for [ profile] ephemera_pop.

[N'sync/BSB] [Lance/Kevin] [PG]

Yet more crossover-ness. Written for [ profile] blueboxers.
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[N'sync/BSB] [JC/AJ] [G]

For [ profile] megoon. Late night banter over the phone...

[N'sync] [Basez] [G]

and after-sex almost-schmoop for [ profile] punky_bruusterr.

also, angsted-out aj inna drabble.
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[N'sync] [Basez] [PG]

Got off my ass and wrote dancing-in-the-rain basez for [ profile] sweetchacha. Yay.
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[N'sync] [Basez] [PG]

A JC-woos-Lance ficlet for [ profile] llumi.

[BSB] [Brian/AJ/Nick] [PG]

For [ profile] unoriginal27. Kissing. Touching. Possible fucking in the near future. This is a blurb, which is what you get when I attempt smut. It doesn't happen.
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[N'sync] [Basez] [PG]

More! Including drunk-off-his-ass bartop-dancing Lance, over-eager!Chris and drama-queen!Justin. For [ profile] joshysleo.

[N'sync] [Basez, implied JuNi (like I could resist)] [PG]

Short ficlet for [ profile] krankykittie. I get bored a lot.

There will probably be quite a few more of these pointless updates heading this way.
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[BSB] [Brian/AJ] [PG]

More alcoholic!AJ. For [ profile] angelmask.

ETA: forgot about one more.

[BSB] [Howie/Brian] [PG, I think]

At [ profile] _bubbleforest's request, I actually wrote it.

[Gen] [N'sync] [Chris, Joey] [PG]

challenge!drabbles. woo!

also, [ profile] fic_requests is my new happy place.
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more short ficlets. man, i'm on a roll. oh, and on an important note, i'm pimping this aj/nick out, which [ profile] _bubbleforest wrote for me, because aj's a damn hot dj, and nick's his just-as-hot boything. guh.

[N'sync] [JoeC] [PG]

A little high school AU piece. For [ profile] sjrules.

[BSB] [Brian/AJ] [PG-13 -- Language]

Another snippet involving alcoholic!AJ. For [ profile] _bubbleforest
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[N'sync/BSB] [Justin/Nick] [PG]

Another drabble. At long last.

[BSB] [Nick/AJ, the Boys] [PG-13 -- Language]

And hitmen/syndicate!boys here. For [ profile] _crumbledstar.
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[BSB] [Brian/AJ] [PG-13 -- Language]

Snippet 1. Belonging to [ profile] _crumbledstar.

[Harry Potter] [Harry/Seamus] [PG]

And snippet 2, especially for [ profile] ssecca01.

yep. i think i really am desperate to keep the little reminders that i am still actually writing at all.

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