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[BSB] [Nick/AJ] [PG-13]

This is a little late, but it's finally safe to say that I wrote A One Time Thing (or Why Teenage Boys Are Pussies) for sesa this year! [ profile] justhitstatic was the most awesome recipient ever, and I'm just glad the sex-bet AU idea worked for her, since some people aren't such a fan of the concept!

Also, from the ask for an alternative POV for any of my stories meme, [ profile] bubbleforest asked for a Howie-centric companion ficlet to the story.

[American Idol] [David Archuleta/David Cook] [PG]

From the same meme, [ profile] ciudad also asked for a snippet out of Still Standing, specifically the bank heist scene from Jeff's POV.
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[N'sync/BSB] [JC/AJ] [G]

For [ profile] megoon. Late night banter over the phone...

[N'sync] [Basez] [G]

and after-sex almost-schmoop for [ profile] punky_bruusterr.

also, angsted-out aj inna drabble.
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[BSB] [Brian/AJ] [PG]

More alcoholic!AJ. For [ profile] angelmask.

ETA: forgot about one more.

[BSB] [Howie/Brian] [PG, I think]

At [ profile] _bubbleforest's request, I actually wrote it.

[Gen] [N'sync] [Chris, Joey] [PG]

challenge!drabbles. woo!

also, [ profile] fic_requests is my new happy place.
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[N'sync/BSB] [Justin/Nick] [PG]

Another drabble. At long last.

[BSB] [Nick/AJ, the Boys] [PG-13 -- Language]

And hitmen/syndicate!boys here. For [ profile] _crumbledstar.
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[Gen] [Britney Spears] [PG]; [N'sync/BSB] [Justin/Nick] [PG]

Drabblets 1 and 2.
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I suck at updating. Drabbles! (it's all i know how to do huh?)

[N'sync] [Lance] [G]


[N'sync] [Justin/Chris] [PG]

here. And here.

[LotRips] [Viggo/Orlando] [G]


[X-men] [John/Bobby] [G]

And here.

[Popslash] [Alicia Keys/someone] [PG]

Not forgetting, this.
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More drabbles! Don't I rock? *le sigh*

[N'sync/BSB] [Justin/Nick] [PG]


[LotRips] [Viggo/Orlando] [G]


[X-men] [John/Bobby] [G]

And here.
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More drabbly updates.

[BSB] [Nick/surprise] [PG-13]

Hee. I loved writing this one.

[Popfic] [Britney/surprise] [PG]

Paris/Nick is such brilliant inspiration.

[LotRips] [Viggo/Orlando implied] [PG]

And this made me smile.
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No, I really haven't been writing much. Pbth. Let the drabbly-ness ensue!

[N'sync/BSB] [Justin/Nick] [PG-13]

Just the one.

[X-men] [Kurt, Kitty] [PG]

And another one.

[LotRips] [Viggo/Orlando] [PG]

There's more still.

[Popfic] [Britney/unnamed] [PG]

And the last. For a while, anyway.
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[X-men (heh. surprise?)] [Bobby/John] [PG]

Written for [ profile] x_men100. Overnight.

A little ridiculous to have to cut for a drabble, no? Oh, well.

And If

Dec. 15th, 2003 10:26 pm
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[N'sync/Eminem; BSB] [NC-17]

And also, new drabbles.

[N'sync] [JuLaC (implied)] [NC-17] [Death!fic]

Justin hasn't been okay for a long time. )
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Mmm. Definitely haven't been updating much. I've been too caught up with real life and NaNo to really write anything else. But! Updates are here.

[N'sync, BSB, Eminem, crossovers] [NC-17]

Updated three new challenge drabbles.
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[N'sync, BSB] [Brian, Kevin] [PG]

Mmm. Mprov! Kevin and AJ's ex have a little talk.

[N'sync crossover] [Surprise] [PG-13]

Another challenge drabble too. Pretty proud of this one.
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[N'sync, BSB] [AJ, Howie] [PG-13]

Another new mprov from the AJ!slut series. Things are starting to look up again.

[Crossover] [Chris/Eminem] [NC-17]

New drabble. Can be found with the rest of the drabbles.

[N'sync, BSB, Crossovers] [NC-17]

And finally, posting all my challenge drabbles as well. All written for the challenges issued at [ profile] boybanddrabbles.

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