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[Het/Slash] [American Idol/Twilight] [Bella/Jacob; David Archuleta/David Cook] [G]

So I signed up for the lightning round over at [ profile] help_haiti. This one's for [ profile] musicboxgirl, who asked for a Bella/Jacob crossover with Idol, where Edward dies in a car crash. SORRY I COULDN'T WORK THE LAST PART IN, BB, BUT I TRIED. Almost 1100 words.

Wherein Jacob and Bella audition for Idol, and there is a minor reference to Buffy. )
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[Het] [Twilight] [Bella/Jacob] [PG]

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What have I done?

Beta-ed and made ready for consumption only because of the very lovely [ profile] lenariel. Dedicated also to [ profile] gracelessheart, WHO TALKED ME INTO THINKING THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE. ILU, NIT, you crazy, crazy enabler!

In a world that makes sense, this is how it would go. )
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[Het/Slash] [American Idol] [David Archuleta/David Cook; David Cook/Kimberly Caldwell] [R...ish?]

I... I have no excuse for this fic. I -- yeah. Except that Christian Kane's music makes people do crazy things. Um, also, it's sort of maybe part of (or a spin-off) the battle of the bands AU I've been working on in my head for a while, which is why it might not make sense. /o\

Um. Enjoy? )
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[Het] [Movie-verse: Missing Brendan] [Patrick/Tuyet] [PG]

I've been surprisingly prolific this week, but really, this story just had to be written. The second I put down the remote I knew that this was in the works. It was just a really important missing scene in my head, and I couldn't let it go. Could also be the fact that Tuyet is Asian, and I'm biased. *g* This story probably doesn't work unless you've seen the film (which is gorgeous, and entirely worth it) because the chemistry between the entire cast - and between Adam Brody and Kathleen Luong in particular - is fantastic.

In life, sometimes the people you lose are the only lessons you ever learn. )
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[Het/Slash] [Movie-verse: X-men/Supernatural] [John/Dean (yes, I am that weak), John/Bobby (if you squint)] [R-ish]

My first of two stories (and also my first actual story of any length in this fandom) written for this year's crack-a-thon over at [ profile] dry_ice. The prompts I chose for this one were 9. Inconvenient telepathic bond and 19. Speshul Crack: Bobby turns into water; John drinks some or all of it. It, uh, really isn't as weird as it sounds.

You see, this is how it happens. )
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A little late, but it's finally safe to say...

[Het/Slash] [N'sync] [Justin/Cameron, Justin/everyone (kind of, with a slight Lambs angle)] [PG-13ish]

Written for this year's remix challenge. I was lucky enough to end up with [ profile] phaballa, and ended up remixing Just Gay Enough: A Tale Of Self Discovery.

So, here's my slant on it -- The Being-Straight-Doesn't-Pay-Unless-You're-Justin-Timberlake-Or-Joey-At-Band-Camp mix. *g* It didn't turn out half bad, surprisingly, and I have [ profile] bubbleforest to thank (and love and worship) for that. <3
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[Het] [One Tree Hill] [Brooke/Lucas, hints of Nathan/Haley, Karen/Keith] [PG]

Yeah, I'm having a hard time believing that out of all the fandoms, I choose this one to write het in. From start to end. Fifty sentences, arranged chronologically according to the series, with spoilers all the way up to episode 3.16. Also, this'll probably make a lot more sense if you've already watched the entire thing.
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[Het/Slash] [Harry Potter] [Harry/Ron, Remus/Sirius, Hermione/Remus, Fred/George] [NC-17 -- Character Death! Incest!]

Part 2 )
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[Het] [Cruel Intentions RPF] [Sarah Michelle Gellar/Ryan Philippe, because these two are just so, damn hot. And for all those who haven't watched Cruel Intentions? Your loss] [NC-17]

Ryan doesn't like happy fucking endings. )


Oct. 17th, 2003 09:56 pm
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[Het] [Harry Potter] [Draco/Ginny] [PG for the descriptive kissing]

He's the only person she wants. Her family disagree. )


Oct. 17th, 2003 09:55 pm
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[Het] [Harry Potter] [Draco/Hermione (What the?!)] [PG-13 for weird themes]

These two have the strangest relationship. )
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[Het] [Harry Potter] [Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione] [PG-13. Slightly physical in the middle of the story]

Ron and Hermione are dating. There's a but in this sentence. Terribly, terribly written. )

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