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[Pre-slash] [American Idol] [David Archuleta/David Cook] [PG-13]

~600 words for the very lovely, generous [ profile] aohatsu, who bid on me in my [ profile] help_japan thread here. Taking a second to pimp myself out, guys, because it's a great cause, and if you can afford to chip in, please do! I still have 3 ficlets waiting to be given away!

A Percy Jackson AU, and you probably need to have seen the movie to really understand this. )
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[Pre-slash] [N'sync] [Chris/Justin] [PG]

So it's cutting it pretty close to the wire, but this is my entry for the Brave Author challenge. I tried and failed to fill the pirate prompt, dear Anon Reader (and if you are who I think you are, and I think you are), sorry about that! I filled the prompt for cuddling, and surprisingly had also written a ficlet a little while ago involving JC and dreams (and the inception team!) Yay, serendipity! Anyway!

I feel like there's a lot more story in this 'verse to tell, but I didn't have enough time to really think about it; maybe in the future, though. :D And now onwards and upwards!

Wherein cuddliness ensues. )
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[Pre-slash] [American Idol] [David Archuleta/David Cook] [PG]

This is for [ profile] hopefulgenius, who is brilliance personified and deserves a better present than I can give her for her graduation. (I'm sorry, baby, I'd buy you a car, but I hear that stuff is kind of hard to arrange from overseas?) So. She asked for more of the BFF AU, and... this is what happened. You know my heart is yours, lovely. <3

Earlier parts of this 'verse can be found here. I am thinking this might need its own index page soon. Ack.

Part of the BFF AU, aka The One Where Archie Got Arrested. Cook flies back to Tulsa. )
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[Pre-slash] [American Idol] [David Archuleta/David Cook] [PG]

This is a sort of prequel-ish companion piece to The One Time Nothing Happened from Archie's POV. Both this and that can be read as standalones, but they're part of a universe I've been creating in my head for a while now, and there may or may not be more to come!

The whole thing is Mike's fault, sex toys and all. )

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