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Title: The Deception Curve
Pairing: Arthur/Cobb, implied Yusuf/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: I want to say it's possible that this will (hopefully) be better upon second read, but--YMMV? :D
Word count: ~18,800
Summary: There's very little Arthur trusts in the dreamscape, and he never thought he'd have to take himself off that list.
Artist(s): The ever-amazing [ profile] ciudad. Honest-to-god, it is entirely likely I would have given up on this story way, way early in the game if [ profile] ciudad hadn't been there tempting me with her gorgeous, unbeatable art. She is fantastic beyond the telling of it, you guys, and there are no words that can do her talent or her amazing, giving, TIME-CRUNCH-PRODUCING SELF justice. You should all run (like the wind, bullseye!) to see the rest of her stunning, stunning artwork here. And then slather her with all the love she deserves. ♥___________♥

The Rising Phase | The Falling Phase

This story would not have been possible without [ profile] paitac, who was generous enough to first bid on me in the [ profile] help_pakistan auction, and then to let me drag my feet with the writing of her fic half a fucking year to get to where this story is today. YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU, BRELLAU, I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS. And if you don't, feel free to pretend.

More Important People. )
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Title: Like All Good Fairytales (this one starts with once upon a time)
Pairing: David Archuleta/David Cook
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Ridiculously, ridiculously AU.
Word count: ~21,000
Summary: Five lifetimes David and David would have fallen in love.
Artist(s): The fan-fucking-tabulous [ profile] ciudad, who ninja-ed in here and gave me the best damn surprise I have ever gotten out of a story, ever, WITH NOT ONLY ART BUT ALSO AN. ENTIRE. SOUNDTRACK (YOU WANT TO BE CHECKING THAT OUT, TRUST ME), oh my god, and then seemed shocked when I wanted to show it off to every freaking human being on the planet. Shocked. Jesus Christ, woman, the amount of sheer joy you bring into my life is untouchable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The unbelievable [ profile] starafar has also chipped in with a digital scrapbook accompaniment, jfc. You guys, I cannot even believe my life right now. This scrapbook fucking floors me every time, and the pages take my breath away, AND YOU KNOW YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS COOK IN A PINK SHIRT, GOD.

prologue: once upon a time
i. snow white fell in love with dopey
ii. cinderella realized that happily ever after takes work
iii. peter pan grew up
iv. prince charming found that sleeping beauty was a different person awake
v. the little mermaid never got to sing
epilogue: and they lived happily ever after

I'm dedicating this story to my incredible, incredible wife, [ profile] hopefulgenius, who was a bigger inspiration for my finishing this than she will ever know. I wrote the entire last section of the story with her in mind, and I -- without a doubt, it is the story I'm proudest of ever writing. Meg, darling, god I adore you. I hope when you read this you know that that is how you make me feel every day, and then some.

The rest of the very important acknowledgements. )
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[N'sync] [Justin/Chris, Joey/JC] [NC-17 -- well, there's sex. kind of.]

Written for last year's Don We Now Our Gay Apparel, for [ profile] jewelianna. In all the Worlds. A dragon AU.
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[Het/Slash] [Harry Potter] [Harry/Ron, Remus/Sirius, Hermione/Remus, Fred/George] [NC-17 -- Character Death! Incest!]

Part 2 )
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[N'sync] [Basez] [NC-17 for murder and darker themes, plus swearing]

Dangerously Yours

Some parts are really sweet, some are just weird. But I love it anyway. My most favourite slash up to date. An AU spy fic.

Author’s Note: Nope, this time I’m not going to tell you much. I don’t know where or how I got the inspiration for this one, but I liked the plot, and I felt really ambitious, and there ya go. Actually, this was supposed to be a short, but… as you can see, my writings ran away with me. Damn. Well, it’s gonna be a short series. Maybe about five or so short chapters.

Oh yeah, it’s an AU fiction. You’ll find out as you go along. So go check it out!

Prologue )

Part I )

Part II )

Part III )

Part IV )

Part V )

Epilogue )
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[N'sync] [Basez] [PG]

You’ve Got Mail

A Series. Lance and JC kinda break up. The guys have to live with it, and to deal, they write letters. Will they be able to make it through?

Author’s Note: And yes, by the way, the title IS stolen from the movie. Unless you think I made it up before it came out. Well, continue thinking that way if you want, I really have no qualms about it. *Smiles*

I just finished watching the PopOdyssey video for the first time. Yeah, yeah, slow, I know. (Hey, blame Singapore for slow production).Oh mah gawd… I was blown away. Seriously. It rocked me dead. Well, the No Strings Attached concert rocked too. They were both… amazing. Drop-dead-adrenaline-charge-go-go-go-guys-come-on-rock-it-I’ve-just-seen-it-all-they-are-incredible remarkable. Lol… see, I still have that N’sync rush. They were sooooo good.

And was it just me? Or did anyone else notice Lance CRYING in Gone. I’m 85.8% sure he was crying. There were tears trickling down his cheek cos I honestly doubt sweat works that way. And JC was… sad. Forlorn. Whatever-you-want-to-call-it. He had this lost puppy dog look. Gosh, that killed me. Done it. If I *ever* had any doubt that my love for N’sync was fading then gawsh, this put it right back on track. *Sigh* I’m gushing again, I know, I know, but whoo… This was just… mmm… yummy-licious!

So anyway, this piece on fanfic is based on what I saw in the performance. It’s like, well, I don’t know, but this is how I THINK it would work out if I was in charge of their lives. Which we all know is impossible. More than. So.

Yeah, well, girls can dream.

Also, anything I write that any of the guys say in a show (e.g. a line from Rosie’s show) it’s all crap. Anything that I said they said on any show besides the concert is crap. Comprehend? Good.

Letter #1: Chris )

Letter #2: Joey )

Letter #3: Justin )

Letter #4: Lance )

Letter #5: JC )

Letter #6: Closing Letter Part A )

Letter #6: Closing Letter Part B )

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